The Texas Honeys




The Texas Honeys Volume 1: Texas Women In Music Compilation Series digitally released September 4th for Free Download on DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

Listeners may leave a “tip” and all TIPS accumulated will go toward printing digital copies of the album to be distributed to all the women involved.  Read the full scoop HERE. 

Texas has some incredibly talented female singers and songwriters covering a wide spectrum of genres. You can read about each individual Honey and learn more about these amazing women!

In conjunction with the Appreciation of Texas Women in Music Project, Kickass Music Women Magazine, TeXchromosome: Women With Texas Spirit and Texas Heritage Music Foundation, The Texas Honeys will be bringing a series of compilation albums every four months, along with Texas Honeys Live! events.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about The Texas Honeys.



Appreciation of Texas Women in Music Project

 Texas Heritage Music Foundation


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