Stage Fright, Open Mics & Importance of Connection

A few months ago, I was afraid of playing guitar in front of my boyfriend. I have been writing songs for many years, usually as a result of an emotional experience. The lyrics would come,  but I would hardly ever sing them more than once for myself.  Eventually I shared a few on a social music site called Soundcloud. Some people gave me positive feedback, especially about my lyrics. I was making my living as a writer and felt great about seeing my lyrics as the strong point of my music, even if my voice couldn’t carry a high note and my guitar playing consisted of only eight chords.  Read More

Syncopated Acts of Accomplishment

As an award-winning percussionist, I was poised for a career as a professional musician. From the age of ten to the age of twenty-four my priorities revolved around drumming. Whether playing for an audience of one or many thousands, the adrenaline rushes and the rewards were immeasurable.When I became a parent, the cymbal sounded and the needs of my beautiful baby girl quickly became top priority. The thump, thump, thump of the bass drum became the thump, thump, thump of my heart as I began to rethink my life strategy. Read More

Rough Edges: MusiCares

Tomorrow I am going to a free voice clinic here in Nashville that is being hosted by MusiCares in honor of World Voice Day. MusiCares is an organization that is run by the Grammy’s all across the U.S. and helps musicians and people in the music industry get discounted medical, dental, eye care services for people that don’t have health insurance, etc. They are a terrific organization and both my husband and I have had dental work done with their help. Read More

Lonesome Liz & The Ghost of Jesse James

The Land of the Outlaw Amish is filled with mysteries.  Ancient mounds, built by the pre-historic Adena, dot the landscape. The longest cave system in the world twines through this place Native Americans called ‘The Dark and Bloody Ground’. Rivers tumble along side and even in them, deeper than man can measure. Roads only recently paved have hundreds of years old wagon tracks embedded in them, retaining the physical memory of thousands’ ventures into the Wild West. Read More

Mary Gauthier Carries Americana Banner Across Europe

Currently on a spring swing through Europe that began in Malmo, Sweden on April 17, Mary Gauthier is representing not only her own catalog of critically acclaimed songs, but also the Americana music genre. The singer-songwriter, who sits on the Americana Music Association’s Board of Directors, is on a 17-city tour through Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the U.K. She will carry the banner of the AMA to each venue, spreading the mission of the not-for-profit music association, which is to advocate for the authentic voice of American roots music around the world.  Gauthier will document her observations on music and community with regular updates through social media and on the Americana Music Association’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Read More

Canada Pays Tribute To Etta James

Brenda Zahorchak and Ross Robinson Present: A Tribute To The Queen of the Blues Etta James, a show honoring the music and legacy of  the late, great Etta James. The event will run two shows in Canada at the end of May, 2013. The Seneca Theater in Niagra Falls, Ontario will present this event on May 24th.  Hosted by Danny Marks with Jesse Whiteley. Featuring the bewitching Sabrina Weeks, the sublime Diana Braithwaite, the firecracker Lori Yates, powerhouse Heather Katz and the soul-inspiring Cheryl Lescom. Niagara Tickets are available through the theatre at 905-374-7469 or from Brenda Zahorchak at The Duck’s Blues Matinee on Saturday’s 2:30-6:30. Show price is $35.00.

Read More

Are You A Kickass Music Woman? Want Your Own Column?

Our goal here at KMW is to feature Kickass Music Women from all over the world in our digital magazine. We would love to build a network and be a great resource to women in music everywhere. We’re just getting started and what we would like to do first is build an extensive Column list. We’d like to see women of all areas and genres represented.  You can check out the Columns that we already have, and see if you’d like to be involved. Columns can be about your life as an artist, a musician, a songwriter or even if you’re on the business end of music. You can write about other female artists who have inspired you, stories behind your songs or interview other women in music. If you’re from another country other than the United States, you could tell us what it is like for you being a woman in music in your area. Read More

Heart: “Heartbreaker Tour” with Jason Bonham

2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, HEART, will take their critically acclaimed live show on the road this summer with very special guest JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE. Ann and Nancy Wilson first met Jason Bonham, son of famed Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, when they performed “Stairway to Heaven” together at the Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Led Zeppelin in December 2012.   Over 6 million fans have watched the performance online and purchased the track on ITunes.  Now, in addition to a full set of Heart classic hits including “Crazy on You,” “Barracuda,” “Alone,” “These Dreams,” “What About Love,” and many more, fans can experience this historical pairing live when Heart and Bonham close each show with a special thirty-minute finale tribute to Led Zeppelin. Read More

Jezebel Jones & 4/20

Back when I was a child, I’d spend weeks of my summer at some Pentecostal camp or another, usually with my family. When I was about 12 or 13, I was finally old enough to go to Teen Camp on my own, which meant less crafts, less supervision, more sophisticated pranks (quick-set cherry jello in the toilets) and longer church services with age-appropriate topics like the evils of drinking, pre-marital sex and masturbation. Hello, Jesus Camp! Read More

On The Road: April

“She’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back.” Bob Dylan

What do the following have in common:  Gurf Morlix, Patterson Barrett, Symphony of the Hills, TeXChromosones, Lissa Hattersley, Lisa Fancher, Brigitte London, Penny Jo Pullus, Kem Watts,Amanda Pearcy, Townes Van Zandt, Robert Earl Keen, Cailloux Theatre, Bill Groneman and NYC, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Lisa Morales, Arnold Garcia,George Ensle, Duke Davis and Buckshot, Texas Rangers, Texas History Day in Fredericksburg, Mike Blakely, Doc Blakely, Larry Nye,  Dylan, Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Dana Cooper, Betsy Clark and Gabriele Rico, Graham Warwick, John Reeves, John Ike Walton and Azul, and Terry Theis? Yep, they all, and more, appeared in my life after writing the last column! Impossible to do justice to any one story or event in this brief space. Time for some listing…ala David Shields and Reality Hunger… Read More