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Cyndi Dawson: Rock’s New Weapon

My good friend Cyndi Dawson, of The Cynz, is a little dynamo pistol that delivers a shot like a cannon ball.  Not only is Cyndi the lead singer for the band, she leads the band, writes the lyrics, and contributes to the orchestration of the music.  The Cynz are a Rock-n-Roll band out of NYC fully embodying that classic NYC sound with a healthy dose of a Post-Pop-Punk twist.  Cyndi has developed a band that is as unique as her talents and story.

Cyndi delivers sassy edge lyrics wrapped in sexy vocal tones that are a bit reminiscent of Cheri Currie from the Runaways, yet her lyrics and performance exhibit so much more depth and personal passion. Cyndi is a master of words from a lifetime of writing poetry. To date, she has published three books of poetry. Her latest book, Outside Girl published by Poets Wear Prada Press, is available on Being no stranger to music she has also completed a WordRock CD with, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, entitled Inside of Outside, in addition to numerous collaborations available on Youtube. Now for the first time we get to hear her sing on her latest CD, The Original Cynz. You can hear the mastery of her word skills in such songs as “Evolution” and “Dead End Road.” We can hear the wanting in her voice as she sings her words in “I Want Your Kiss” and “Quick Fix Man.” She gives us a glimpse into the darker side of her childhood in such songs as “This Girl.”

Born with Gypsy blood and raised as a Jersey girl with a difficult home life, Cyndi spent her time expressing herself through the arts and exploring her talents. She left New Jersey for NYC at an early age and pursued dancing and acting. Cyndi has appeared in an Advil commercial, Law and Order, a stand in for Madonna, and numerous other films and TV shows. She worked hard as a bartender in some of the hottest music venues cultivating relationships with the then upcoming bands. Many of these bands have since made a name for themselves in NYC and around the world, and Cyndi continues to foster these cherished friendships. She combined her natural sense of rhythmic beats from dancing with the new music knowledge she gained from friends’ bands, and played percussion for a spell for the all girl band, Kamikaze Kitty and the Attack Kats. At the center of all her work and endeavors, writing remained at the center of her expression.

Cyndi later moved back to NJ and established herself as a notable poet in the NJ and NYC scene. She started a poetry and music series in NJ featuring some of the most reputable poets and musicians from all over the world. It’s easy to see how she would blend poetry to music to create WordRock, then transition again to build a hot Rock-n-Roll band. Watch a live show of The Cynz and you’ll see this girl’s past unfold in her performance. She dances, crawls, and shakes to the music with raw energy catapulting from her inner being straight into the spellbound audience, who can’t resist her raving charms. Meeting Cyndi Dawson is a must!

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By Babs Martin

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