Telecaster Living

Telecaster Living: Mandy Marie Luke Vol.2

So, here am I, here are you, we figured it out didn’t we? ‘On’ button, keyboard, mouse, monitor, browser, https, wwws, we are all here in this one, huge place – ‘cyberspace.’ And what a great place it can be! As a songwriter, artist, and musician the importance of the web is enormous. I can rough out a song on my iPhone, transfer it to a friend with her iPad, she can add a track and send it on to someone else computer to edit, modify and finish. We can produce our own covers, burn our own discs and share, give away or sell our songs all in ‘cyberspace’ … the digital revolution has turned us into ‘do it all yourself’ writers, artists and businessfolk all at the click of a mouse button… Read More

Telecaster Living: Mandy Marie Luke

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13-years-old. It’s been a life long passion and my one true love. Even at age 32, there’s nothing I love more than a Telecaster and an amp. I heard James Burton chicken pick out a solo on the Elvis Live At The International Hotel album, and it was like someone said, “you HAVE to do this.” I didn’t have a choice. Read More