Rough Road Darlins

Sounds of Mandy Lemons

Wow, I have so much to say about Mandy Lemons of Low Society that I don’t even know where to begin. How do I tell you about her extraordinary voice, the legends in her Blues band, her soul diving lyrics, and her personal journey without turning this article into a novel?  I don’t know, but I’m going to give it go.  Let’s start at the present when I met her and Low Society this past February in Memphis… Read More

Polly Punkneck: A Gypsy Punkabilly Breeze

Polly Punkneck stole my heart when I saw a video of her playing the ol’ traditional mountain tune “In the Pines” on acoustic guitar.  Polly is a complete creative sensation layered with textures like honey and burlap. Her vocals are country sweet while her lyric and music combinations are rough, rowdy, and sometimes naturally raw.  She is being hailed as a Punk Rock Patsy Cline.  She is a continuous artistic adventure writing songs, playing guitar, sewing her own performance costumes, and producing art. From Hillbilly Harlots, to Jason and the Punknecks, to solo shows, Polly was born on a stage. Read More

Heather Buckley: A Story of Courage, Determination, and Rewards

When I set out to write about women in music, I didn’t limit myself to any one genre.  But, I didn’t expect to find so many amazing women in the Rock music scene.  After all Rock is dead, right?  Well if Rock is dead how come that’s the music that gets us fired up to bop our heads and move our feet?  And if Rock is dead how do I keep finding extraordinary women rockin for us?  That’s right, I have found another kickass woman rockin’ and I didn’t have to look very far past my own junked-up yard.  Heather Buckley Rocks Blues with Salty Dogs and wins Vocalist of the Year from the Blues Society of Tulsa.  This win is as much about a triumph over a difficult life as it is a reward in music. Read More

Meet Canada’s New Rock Goddess: Laura L’ Rock

Once in awhile we are fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who exudes positive energy.  When we do we want to know more about that person.  We want to talk to that person, get close to that person, and we are drawn to soak in the message of their creative works.  Laura L’ Rock is one of those cool chicks that just shines bright and vivacious.  But like I always say  . . . never mistake kindness for weakness.  L’Rock’s strength and positive energy is as inspiring as her story and original music. Read More

Cyndi Dawson: Rock’s New Weapon

My good friend Cyndi Dawson, of The Cynz, is a little dynamo pistol that delivers a shot like a cannon ball.  Not only is Cyndi the lead singer for the band, she leads the band, writes the lyrics, and contributes to the orchestration of the music.  The Cynz are a Rock-n-Roll band out of NYC fully embodying that classic NYC sound with a healthy dose of a Post-Pop-Punk twist.  Cyndi has developed a band that is as unique as her talents and story.

Read More