Interview: L.A. Latin Alternative Artist Maria Del Pilar

We welcome Los Angeles writer Carlita Howard to KMW.  Singing the Sesame Street theme song from the crib and being raised by Chilean musician parents, María Del Pilar was born to be creative. She went on to front and co-found an influential LA based Latin alternative punk band Los Abandoned (whom she still considers her brothers) who broke new ground singing in Spanglish in the rock arena, amassing a loyal and rabid fan base. Her songs have been featured on national TV and in documentary films.

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Shannon Brown Interviews NYC’s Lindy Loo

Hey folks.  It’s Shannon Brown from NYC country band, Trailer Radio, keeping you abreast of the country music scene in New York City! Last week I was in a club hearing some live, non-country music, when I was suddenly whipped back in time to the days when I was an actor. The band’s lead singer is a Broadway performer, and his friends in the room who were clearly actors as well.  I know this because when they entered the room they looked to the stage and gave the singer the “jazz hands” sign – palms forward, hands shaking, Bob Fosse-style.  To the theater crowd this translates as “Haaaaaay….we’re here!  Ta-da!!” Read More

Tonya Watts Interview

Tonya Watts is a blazing fire of song, creativity and passion.  From writing/performing to acting, to house flipping and running her own skin care line, this is a woman who balances it all. In 2008, she released her debut album, Handcuff My Soul. With new music projects as well as a movie role on the horizon, 2012 is looking really, really good.  KMW talked with Tonya about her music, and what makes her tick…er… kick.. ass.  Read More

Robyn Ludwick Interview

Robyn Ludwick’s latest album, Out of These Blues, hit several ‘Best of 2011′ lists including Austin City Limits, No Depression, Texas Music Magazine and was voted #1 for the year by Texas Music Scene. Her emotively lilting voice, hypnotic storytelling and intelligent concepts were a perfect fit for Producer Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams). She’s a Texas girl through and through and comes from a family of prolific songwriters. She has captured the hearts and ears of not only Texans, but of fans of Americana music everywhere. Read More