Aubrey Lynn England on Girls Night Out

Aubrey Lynn England. Can you say Firecracker? This woman is bold, beautiful and sings her ass off. She’s one part Tammy Wynette, one part Janis and all Texan. She’s got pipes, charisma and great songs. She’s also a huge force for women in Music. England has a showcase at Love in War in Plano, TX featuring all women called Girls Night Out. Read More

The Rose of Texas Fair

The Rose of Texas Fair was an extraordinary event that took place on December 9,2011 at the historic Uptown Marble Theater in Marble Falls, TX.  The Texas Guitar Women – with a couple of guest members for the affair, backed up several Texas Female Artists in a benefit for Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center in Marble Falls and the Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center. This event was initiated by Texas Hill Country Singer/Songwriter Penny Ney and with the help of Ruby Dee, the two ladies pulled off one hell of an amazing afternoon of music. I can honestly say, although I’ve performed at several other events focusing on women performers, I have never been part of an ALL FEMALE LINEUP and BAND. It was an incredible experience. Read More

The Bohemian Rhapsody of Sadie Jemmett

Sadie Jemmett knows how to express herself in a way that everyone can appreciate. She’s strong and fearless in her writing, her songs are captivating and emotionally stirring, her vocals beautiful and transcendent. The journey of musical discovery this London-based songstress has taken has been an interesting one. Her ability to transform her essence throughout each song while remaining authentic most likely stems from her bizarre and challenging childhood and wandering adulthood. Read More

The Tenacity of Teresa Farris

Teresa Farris has been in the Nashville scene a long time and has been through the tumultuous ups and downs the music business can bring. Her commitment to her music has never once wavered and now she has released several singles to the public with several great offerings, including a stunning rendition of “Whatever You Say.”  The song was a big hit for Martina McBride (who has a range to die for) but Farris sings with much more passion and takes the song to a whole new level.  She’s got the grit of Lacy J Dalton and the heartbreaking catch of Tammy Wynette – and killer chops. Quite a combination. Read More

Molly Gene: One Whoaman Band “Romping & Stomping”

One man band : a musician who plays several instruments during a solo performance (noun).        
One Whoa Man band :
(see Molly Gene).

The life of a musician is already a hard road to travel. With today’s economy more and more musicians are doing acoustic gigs just to be able to bump two nickels together. The one man band has been considered a novelty act up until now. One man bands (such as Joe Buck, Scott H Biram and Bob Log III) have recently replaced the word “novelty”  with authentic. Now, we have a one woman band (or a Whoa man Band) in Molly Gene One Whoaman Band. Read More

Screaming Females: Ugly Album Review

Bruce Lee taught, among many things, that all attacks could fit into one of six categories.  One of them, and the hardest to master, is the Attack By Draw.  In this, the martial artist draws the opponent in with a false sense of security, which opens the opponent to a counter-attack.  A prime example is a skilled boxer dropping his or her hands to tempt the opponent into throwing a punch at the boxer’s head, thus leaving the opponent open for a counter-attack to the ribs or stomach. Screaming Females are masters of the Attack By Draw. Read More

How I Became A Kickass Music Woman: Kat Goldman

I never meant to become a songwriter, although I do remember having dreams as a kid of becoming a rock star and lunging at the microphone in some kind of black leather or gold lame outfit. I was a child of the seventies. What do you expect? After a brief and unsuccessful stint in college, including busking in Harvard Square, I returned to my hometown Toronto. I felt lost, without direction or goal. I happened to walk past an open mic downtown one night and went in. Read More

Rebecca Sullivan’s Silver Slippers

Rebecca Sullivan has a unique approach to expressing heartache and triumph and the tribulations of life and love.  She’s hopefully sardonic, optimistically wise and immediately endearing. Her quirky chord structures and strong vocals provide a truly original sound on her debut album, Silver Slippers, a contemporary collection of songs fusing a unit of Folk Rock and Pop sensibilities.  Read More

Icon Patti Smith Returns With Banga

The Godmother of Punk, the incomparable Patti Smith, returns after an eight year hiatus with all new music (including the debut single, “April Fool,”) on a June 5th album release on Columbia Records. The new offering, Banga, is Smith’s 11th studio album. Smith produced the CD with her band members and the album features several songs she’s written in honor of others. Read More

Regina Spektor’s New View

Regina Spektor is back with a new release, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. This album strays a bit from the usual optimism we’ve seen in the past, and explores adult themes from a more somber perspective. Take the new single, “All The Rowboats,” where she sings about the imprisonment of Art museum pieces, and in a broader sense reflects the state of Art and expression in our current society. Spektor’s view is a bit more complex than what her whimsical demeanor suggests.  Read More