Aubrey Lynn England on Girls Night Out

Aubrey Lynn England. Can you say Firecracker? This woman is bold, beautiful and sings her ass off. She’s one part Tammy Wynette, one part Janis and all Texan. She’s got pipes, charisma and great songs. She’s also a huge force for women in Music. England has a showcase at Love in War in Plano, TX featuring all women called Girls Night Out.

Aubrey is a force to be reckoned with, not only is she out there kicking ass with her own music, but she’s also uniting women in music as well. KMW caught up with Aubrey and talked to her about this fantastic showcase. (Keep your eyes open for an upcoming feature on Aubrey and her music.).


KMW: Are you from Texas originally and when did you begin performing/writing?

ALE: I was born in Dallas and raised in Garland, TX. I now live in Greenville, TX and have for the past 5 years with my husband Wade, my daughter LaraLynn, our dog Shiner, lots of angel fish, and a new Baby England on the way  I have been on stages performing for as long as I can remember in my life. I was always on stage with my Dad’s bands growing up and Opry Houses. I wrote poetry as a teenager, but started putting music to lyrics (with my novice guitar skills) around 2006.

KWM: What inspired you to start Girls Night Out? Has it always been at Love & War in Plano, TX?

ALE:  The short answer- Courtney Keith! She is a manager at Love & War and also books performing acts at the venue. She called me with the idea/offer of putting together a show that had been a part of Love & War’s music schedule in the past. I fell IN LOVE with the concept and she and I built the “Girls Night Out” that we have today from that phone call. One of my favorite things about GNO is that we are carrying on a legacy of ladies performing on showcases together at Love & War that had once been in the hands of Miranda Lambert and Sunny Sweeney. GNO has mainly been at Love & War in Plano, TX, but on occasion I also host GNO shows at the Love & War – Grapevine, TX location. We have been in talks recently about making a once a month show in Grapevine a regular occurance.

KMW:  When did you begin GNO?
ALE:  GNO’s first show was Wednesday, January 4th, 2012. Happy Anniversary, GNO!

KMW: How many quests are at each show – is it a Songswap?

ALE:  The show is home to 6 female singer songwriters (different from week to week), 2 sets of 3 ladies playing for 90minutes per set. It is songswap format, and in most cases, it turns into a collaborative effort between the 3 ladies in the set (and myself) morphing the show into a “Jam,”one of my other favorite things.

KMW: Who are some of the guests you’ve had?

ALE:  Girls Night Out is proud to have had a year (so far) of very talented ladies! Some guests that we have had on GNO include: Chaz Marie, Blacktop Gypsy, Charla Corn, Rachel Stacy, Ara Chelsea, Jessica Shepherd, Adrianna Marie, Adrian Johnston, Melissa Jones-Auld, McKenzie Best, Whitnye Raquel, Heather Roberts, Lenzi Lenaye, Bonnie Whitmore, CC Cross, Emy Taylor, Tori MacArthur, Ashley Bradberry, Isabell Silverstolpe, Marina Rocks, Janie Balderas, Susan Hickman, Mandi Powell, Van Darien, Erica Perry, Neicy, Shannon Rose, Hailey Sellers, Jenna McDaniel, Sonya Jevette, Brittnee Lee, Whitney O’Neil, Bailey McLaa, Coley McCabe, Lauren Walley, Arielle Nicole, Holly Hicks, Brenda Kay, Christen Sawyer, Stacey Shope, Season Ammons, Taylor Marie, Ashley Lee, Holly Moon.

*Future artists to add to this incredible lineup: Brigitte London, The Rankin Twins, Sheila Marshall, Presley Lewis….. and hopefully MANY more!

KMW: And Men? 

ALE: We have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many Men in music that support us and sit in to Jam. I LOVE Girls Night Out night’s like those. (Thanks to Max Stalling, Thom Shepherd, Charles Portwood, Ryan Littrell, Kyle Wade Smith, Chuck Ligon, Jerry Matheny, Shayne Green, Aaron Mingus, Desmond, Jackson Eli, Josh and Justin Goode, and many more!) Last, but nowhere near least, a HUGE Thanks to Wade England for running sound for our shows!

KMW: Do you have any GNO stories you’d like to share?

ALE: There are so many fun stories to tell from GNO (but to keep this interview from going into too many pages) I’ll just say the best parts of each show are listening to the banter on stage where we ladies are just catching up or meeting each other for the first time, or even dishin’ some gossip, tellin’ jokes and sharing funny stories from the road and life in general and mainly just being ourselves up there. Also, I love watching from the audience when 3 ladies who don’t normally play shows together get together as the set progresses and end up sounding like they’ve played together a million times. The collaborations that magically happen on the stage are definitely a sight to see and beautiful to hear!
I would also like to take this space to recognize and thank our FABULOUS sponsors and people who keep Girls Night Out up & running and helping out the effort in SO many ways: Love & War in Texas, Courtney Keith, Texas Select Beverage Company, Hwy82musicreview.com, Texas Red photography, and Special Event Photography.

KMW:  The lineup of 2013 – ? 
ALE:  2013 is looking GREAT so far. The ladies are back in full force to make our 2nd year even bigger and better than the first. Here is a tentative schedule through April:

February 6th (Aubrey’s Birthday Party!)
730pm- Tori MacArthur, Susan Hickman, Brigitte London
915pm- Whitnye Raquel, Chaz Marie, Aubrey Lynn

February 13th (Our Valentine’s Soiree’)
730pm- The Rankin Twins, Brittnee Lee, Adrianna Marie
915pm- Adrian Johnston, McKenzie Best, Rachel Stacy

March 6th (Wade’s (our soundguy/Aubrey’s Husband) Birthday Party!)
730pm- Ashley Bradberry, Melissa Jones-Auld, Jessica Shepherd
915pm- Whitnye Raquel, CC Cross, Emy Taylor

March 13th
730pm- Shannon Rose, McKenzie Best, _____________
915pm- Adrian Johnston, Sheila Marshall, ___________

April 3rd
730pm- Tori MacArthur, Melissa Jones-Auld, Jessica Shepherd
915pm- Emy Taylor, Ashley Bradberry, _____________

April 10th
730pm- Brittnee Lee, Shannon Rose, McKenzie Best
915pm- Blacktop Gypsy, Chaz Marie, Aubrey Lynn


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